To establish a festival of films made by children and youth came into my head during the production of series „Lost Neighbours - Teen Cameras Search for Traces of Jewish Fellow-Citizens“. I was producer of this project. These films were made by teenagers 12 to 15 years old from different parts of the Czech Republic and supervised by adult professional filmmakers. I applied these documentaries to specialized international film festivals in different parts of the world that were focused on screening of films made by children and youth. So here started my idea to establish such festival in Prague, in the Czech Republic and …


Zuzana Drazilova, founder and director of the festival


We focus in this first festival year on a selection of films made by children and youth from the whole world that were successful at the international festivals. These films could also have a little bit older copyright, it is important for us that they are interesting and from certain point of view (ether idea and directing, or cinematography and technical processing) are quality. They will form approximately 80 % of the festival program.

We wish to screen to the Czech youth audience films that were made by their peers in various parts of the world and which they did not have a chance to see before (also not on the big film screen). We try to form the program from films from Canada, US, South America, Europe, Pakistan and Asia. We wish to inspire Czech young starting filmmakers.

At the same time we would like to show the selection of films which were shot by starting young Czech filmmakers. Thanks to the cooperation with international festivals we wish to connect Czech beginning filmmakers with the world outside their country. Through our contacts with international festivals of the same type we would like for Czech teen movies to be screened on the big film screens of the other international festivals as well.

Project “Window to The World” - film workshops for children from orphan homes - will be part of our festival as well. We wish to present at the festival films made during these workshops, or at least extracts or trailers of such films.

The signing sessions with known people from Czech media and film industry and international guests will be held. There are planned workshops during the festival on topics as as “Starting Documentary Filmmakers”, “Professional Youtuber” and “Junior Radio Reporter”.

In next year of the festival in 2020, we will focus on the international films that will directly apply to our festival and that were made during the last two years. We wish to invite more foreign guests and introduce young beginning filmmakers.


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