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ADONAI for People p.s.c.

 Adonai for people

The main mission of this public service company is to help and co-operate with contemporary young generation from different social groups and society classes. Adonai currently focuses on production and distribution of films and other audiovisual works which are shooting, completing and working on youngsters within the scope of leisure and educational activities. It organizes different forms of film workshops and screening for children and teenagers. The company started to operate in 2018.

The main projects in 2019 are WINDOW INTO THE WORLD - film workshops for teens from children´s homes and 1st Annual International TEENFILMFEST.CZ.

Other organizers:

Sunfilms Ltd.

 Sunfilms, s.r.o.

This company with limited partnership (formerly Sunfilm - spiral productions Ltd.) operates since 2001. It follows up the company Sunfilm Ltd. (established in 1998) that distributed in Czech nad Slovak Republics (in cinemas, TVs, on video and DVD) feature fiction art and independent films from the whole world. They were for example Antonia´s Line, Character, Cider House Rules, Run Lola Run, Little Voice, Central Station, Left Luggage, Ghost Dog, The Straight Story, etc. (some of them were Oscar winning films or received other important international awards).

The most important projects which this company produced as main producer are:

LOST NEIGHBOURS - Teen Cameras Search for Traces of Jewish Fellow Citizens (12 to 15 years old children from different parts of Czech Republic were shooting documentaries on Holocaust and WWII themes under a supervision of professional filmmakers). Documentary „Kids from Hartmanice“ was awarded by „Golden Kingfisher“ at the Film Festival „Finals Pilsen“ in the category of professional documentaries till 30 min. and by the „Statutory Town Ceske Budejovice Award“ at the festival Ecofilm; it was broadcasted by the Netherlands´ Public TV and in the Czech Television.

CHILDREN OF STALINISM (twelve parts documentary series about the destinies of children of political prisoners of 1950s in former Czechoslovakia) were produced in co-production with Czech TV and FAMU - Prague Film and TV Art Academy, directors were FAMU students). Four of these documentaries were awarded by Prizes for The Best International Documentaries at the International Film Festival WORLDFEST in Houston and at the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival.

Docs, Youth & Society, r.s.


Docs, Youth & Society (DYS) is a registered society that was established in 2006. It is focused on working with young people by using audiovisual technologies and main topics of these works are human rights, nowadays history, rasism, anti-Semitism, current affairs in the society, xenophobia etc. Currently, the public service company ADONAI for People follows up with certain part of activities of this NGO.

The important project of DYS was the production and distribution of project DAUGHTERS OF ENEMY - the audiovisual testimonies of Daughters of political prisoners of 1950s in former Czechoslovakia which were filmed by students of FAMU - Prague Film and TV Art High School). The project came into existence under an auspices of former Czech President Vaclav Havel and gained European Commission´s award „Golden Star“ in the scope of a programme „Active European Memory“. These testimonies were distributed into more than 3.000 Czech elementary, secondary and high schools and universities and into more than 500 different institutions, organizations and universities in countries of European Union, including the methodical printed and electronic materials „1950s and Videotestimonies of Children of Political Prisoners“.

Another interesting project of this NGO was OFFSPRING OF THE OTHERS - the production of testimonies of children of 1950s´ Jewish communists in former Czechoslovakia. DYS further organized many screenings, lectures and discussions with survivors and descendants for Czech pupils and students in connection with projects „Daughters of Enemy“ and „Lost Neighbours - Teen Cameras Search for Traces of Jewish Fellow-Citizens“. DYS lines up in 2019 „Daughters of Enemy at schools“ - lectures of daughters of 1950s political prisoners and screenings for schools and public as well, „Beyond Star of David“ - audiovisual activities for school youth and talks of lecturers and Holocaust survivors and „Filmteens.cz“ - film workshops for 11 to 17 years old youngsters.

Zuzana Dražilová - festival director

 Zuzana Dražilová

Zuzana graduated from film and tv production at FAMU (Prague Film and TV Art High School), acting at the Jaroslav Jezek Prague Conservatory, „Peace and Conflict Resolutions“ scholarship semester studies at The American University in Washington D.C. (here she selected materials for FAMU thesis „Production, Financing and Distribution of American Independent Films“) and more workshops for European producers - Eurodoc, ESoDoc, ExOriente. She was an actor in more theatres, manager of cultural hall of Prague Chodov Water Fortress, co-operated with Dutch NGO „Heart of Europe“ (organized tours of more Czech and Dutch artist groups) and was production manager of independent underground film group „Bulshitfilm“ (directed by Pavel Marek and Roman Vcelak which closely co-operated with director Jan Svankmajer). Zuzana also produced for example short film „The Night Tram“ (directed by John Andrews) which was nominated for Student Oscar, was associate producer at two-years preproduction works at the feature fiction film „Return of Paradise Lost“ (directed by Vojtech Jasny) and was the main co-ordinator of the International Independent Film Festival „Prague Indies“.

Shortly after the studies at FAMU she established and directed film company Sunfilm Ltd. which distributed feature fition art and independent films as „Run Lola Run“, „Cider House Rules“, „Antonia´s Line“, „Central Station“, „The Straight Story“ and many others. Zuzana was further producer and distributor of documentary series and audiovisual testimonies made in co-operation with Czech youngsters and more TV stations: „Lost Neighbours - Teen Cameras Search for Traces of Jewish Fellow Citizens“, „Daughters of Enemy“, „Children of Stalinism“, „Offspring of The Others“, etc. She was also a teacher at FAMU and Secondary Art School MICHAEL. Currently she works at TEENFILMFEST.CZ, more projects for Czech primary and secondary schools (for example „Beyond Star of David“, etc.) and different film workshops for teenagers under a common name FILMTEENS.CZ (for example for youth from children´s homes „Window Into The World“, „Cinema Camp“ etc.).


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