TEENFILMFEST.CZ is an annual festival event to showcase the best of international and Czech films made by children and youth 8 - 21 years old. The 1st year of the festival will take place on December 14 - 15, 2019 in Prague in the Czech Republic, in cinema SVĚTOZOR located in the direct Prague centre (Vodičkova 41, Praha 1).


ADONAI for People o.p.s. (public service company) - Kodicilova 258/6, 108 00 Praha 10, Identification nr.: 02659506 in co-operation with SUNFILMS s.r.o. (established Czech film company) - Havelská 3/511, 110 00 Praha 1, Identification nr.: 26437538.


Aiming at entertainment, as well as education, this festival is dedicated to promote the culture of film watching, media literacy and alternative learning among children and youth. We wish to expand awareness of nowadays youth of the outside world and develop aesthetics, social and moral perceptions. We will bring some of the best international films to the Czech Republic and show them to young Czech audience, as well as to screen the best pictures made by Czech youth, to promote creativity, contemporary world of nowadays youth, their social awareness, positive human values, different cultures, the arts, Christian values and society issues. The festival defines children and youth aged 12 to 17 years old as its primary beneficiaries, irrespective of their gender, social status, education or income level. Among else, the festival has an inclusive approach to involve also marginalized and less privileged children as audiences.


Films must be directed by children and youth 8 - 21 years old. If adults (family members, teachers etc.) also worked on the film, describe please a type of co-operation in the application form´s section „more information“.

All beginning film fans and filmmakers are welcome to sign up, our festival is not a specialized film schools´ festival.Films directed and produced by students from film schools will be screened in a special section „student films“.


  • 1st Submission Deadline: October 1st, 2019
  • 2nd Submission Deadline: November 1st, 2019
  • Latest Submission Deadline: November 15th, 2019

Categories: Fiction, Documentary, Animation, Experimental, Other (music videos, commercials, computer graphics, etc.).

Subcategoriesaccording to filmmakers´ age: a) 8 - 12 years, b) 13 - 16 years, c) 17 - 21 years.

Length:Films should not be longer than 25 min., any shorter length is acceptable.If you have a longer film than 25 min., write us and we will see what can we do regarding screening your film.

Screening format: Festival accepts for the festival (not preview) screening uncompressed digital files formats which can be sent online (preffered) to us or by post no later than November 25, 2019. We accept non-encrypted DCP, MOV, MP4, Quicktime H 264 HD.For any encrypted DCP the festival will require a KDM (Key Delivery Message).

Subtitling:Films will normally be screened in their original language/version. Non-English speaking films should be subtitled in English.Previews of non-English speaking filmsin a language other than English must haveEnglish subtitles.

There is noentry fee, as well as no screening fee. Each film should be submitted separately.Please describe in the form if the film will be screened in Czech or international cinema premiere.Czech films will be in the same competition with international.The year of the film production is not important.

Entry of films can be made by directors, other members of crew, producers, distributors, parents and teachers of young filmmmakers or other duly authorized representatives and organizations through the enclosed Entry Form. Write us please clearly in the form who submits the film.

Other needed materials: photos of a film and director (as many as possible), brief director´s bio and filmography, brief synopsis in English or mother language (if it is not in the application form), other important information about a film and poster of a film (both optional). If you have a dialogue list (transcription of spoken words in a film), send it please also. Send all this via e-mail:abc@teenfilmfest.cz.

The festival takessubmissions only online through the application form.We encourage online submissions, but if you are submitting by post, consider please the following: two copies of a film in digital format with English subtitles - each one for preview and screening, CD consisting of synopsis in English or mother language (if it is not in the electronic application form), photos of a film and director, bio and filmography of director, poster of a film and other important information about a film (both optional).

The participants must ensure that they have the right to participate in the festival with regard to parties connected with the production, distribution of the participating film and/or other right holders - licenses. Applicants are fully responsible for rights clearance.


In every of five categories (fiction, documentary, animation, experimental and other) will be given 3 awards - each one according to filmmaker´s age (8 - 12, 13 - 16, 17 - 21 years). These further awards will be given: Best International picture, Best Czech picture, Extraordinary idea/ benefit, Best school film and Audience Award. The winners will receive certificate and rewards in kind.

A committee will decide about the selection of films. A film which is not accepted for the competition can be shown in other section with the specific consent of the entrant. Members of the jury refrain from releasing any information to the public concerning the films submitted for their judgment until after the jury’s decisions have been formally declared.


Festival program will be supplemented by two premieres of feature teen films made by foreign adult professional filmmakers, workshops on themes: “Starting Documentary Filmmakers”, “Professional Youtuber” and “Junior Radio Reporter”, presentation of a project “Window into the World” (film workshops for children from children´s homes), celebrity autograph signings, discussions with guests, etc. Actual information about these programs will be announced later, follow our web.


On the packages should be clearly mentioned: „no commercial value, for cultural purposes only“. The value mentioned on the package should be maximum 10 Euro.

All correspondence etc. should be addressed to:

ADONAI for People o.p.s. - TEENFILMFEST.CZ
Kodicilova 258/6, 108 00 Praha 10 Malešice, Czech Republic, EU
Tel: +420-603822181, +420-775783777
e-mail: abc@teenfilmfest.cz, zuzana@teenfilmfest.cz, web: www.teenfilmfest.cz

Unless specified otherwise, expenses relating to the transport of films, preview of films, promotional materials, and insurance from the country of origin to Prague should be covered by participants. Expenses relating to the transport of films, preview of films and insurance to the country of origin are covered by the organizer.


The festival will invite to the venue on November 2 and 3, 2019, foreign and Czech guests and authors whose films will be screened at the festival. The festival cannot guarantee that will cover their travel and accommodation costs.

The organizer pledges to show the applied films only within the scope of the festival. By submitting the application, the applicant consents to the use of photos, director´s bio and filmography and parts of competing films or their trailers free of charge as part of festival promotion, on any Czech TV station, internet etc. The trailers should not exceed 2 minutes.

The festival organizers reserve the right to invite films they consider suitable for the film festival and to make changes in the screening schedule of films.

Participants of all selected films are required to use the name and logo of the festival in their all film’s promotional and personal materials.

By submitting an application to the festival, participants express their consent to these festival regulations and commit themselves to comply with their provisions.


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